Aquatic Therapy

Who can benefit from aquatic therapy?

The pool assists many people who have difficulty with pain or weakness, and is safe for most people. Our pool temperature is maintained at 92 degrees, just a little below body temperature. The gentle warmth along with the effect of buoyancy on load sensitive joints aides in pain relief. Water can be used to assist certain motions or to provide graded resistance, without joint compression. This is why those with back problems, knee injuries, ankle injuries, arthritis and those who have had orthopedic surgeries, are just a few of the individuals who may benefit from aquatic therapy.

Here are what some people are saying about the class:

“I feel it has strengthened my core and has made me more flexible and balanced. I also feel very calm and ready to take on the day.”


“This class has helped pull me out of depression and has given me calmness. I am a happy person again!”